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Solar Home Lighting Systems
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01 Mar 2019
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Specification of Solar Home Lighting Systems


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Lightning Solar Home System - Solar Kit
Solar home lightning system or sometimes called solar kit can function as lighting. Solar panel lights that are suitable for use outside and indoors.Equipped with a waterproof solar panel, you can put it outside without worrying about being exposed to rain, accompanied by a batterry to crush your cellphone.This product is equipped with 4 LED lights that can last for 6 hours for 4 lights after full charging.Let's look at the advantages of this solar home lightning system. If 4 lamps are used simultaneously, it can be on for up to six hours, whereas if only 1 lamp can be used, it can run up to 24 hours.Solar panels used are already using crystalline or sometimes called poly crystalline. And there is an additional function of this solar kit which has a USB plug that can charge our cellphones.The use of this solar home lightning system or solar kit is relatively easy, it is enough to just dry the solar panels that are exposed to the sun, so that solar energy is stored properly into the lithium battery.So for locations or areas that are lacking lighting solar home lightning systems can be a solution for you. This 4 lamp solar kit is equipped with a lithium battery battery, where the storage mode is very high.Specifications can be seen here:A. 7.4V lithium batteryB. Lamp endurance after full charge:4pc LED light: 6 hours
3pc LED light: 8 hours
2pc LED light: 12 hours
1pc LED light: 24 hours
Free 4 pcs lights (2 watts each). Bright.
C. Cable for roof mounting: 2.5 mtrProduct Description1. Charging in the sun during the day2. Waterproof Panel, heat resistant and durable3. Charging one day can light up for 24 hoursa, Charging with solar cell, without electrical installationb, There is no need to install an electrical cablec, Easy to install & move4. Highly Waterproof Solar Panel (IP65) and heat resistant can let you install outside doors like in gardens, doors, parks, ECT roads.5. Anti-rust material6. Installation is very easy & fast7. Use High Solar CrystallineFor complete information about solar kits or solar home lightning systems, Jarwinn, contact us immediately and get various special price offers specifically for you.

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