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New Battery Charger Pulse 50 Telwin Cas Aki
New Battery Charger Pulse 50 Telwin Cas Aki
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battery chargerTelwin Pulse 50 is an automatic and multifunctional battery / battery / battery charger with characteristics: easy to use, high-tech, and the best performance. Produced by the latest research and advanced technical solutions especially for the automotive sector. It has an innovative inverter technology, PowerStream, which makes Telwin dare to guarantee 50% better performance than traditional battery chargers. All of that thanks to more effective and complete control of the charging process, resulting in a faster charger time and more optimal maintenance in battery conditions.Telwin Pulse 50 is made specifically for automatic charge and maintenance on 6/12/24 V batteries with WET, GEL, AGM: SPIRAL, MF, PbCa, START / STOP types, even though the batteries are low powered, so this tool is very useful in the workshop machines, body repair shops, even for your home.Pulsetronic technology controls the automatic process of charge and maintenance of the battery, diagnose the condition of the battery at any time, and is effective to restore the best operating efficiency, thanks to the existence of tools that are divided into 8 stages. It will be very easy to automatically find out the type of battery and its capacity without the need for complicated settings. This makes it very suitable to replace the traditional charger transformer, because it integrates more advanced maintenance functions such as recovery from batteries / sulfate batteries.This tool has a good design, ergonomic, and lightweight combined with technology that concentrates on performance and very low electricity consumption. So it is very suitable for the needs of your workshop or home.Electric Power: 600 WInput Voltage: 220 Volt / 50HzOutput Voltage: 6/12/24 VoltsEffective Electric Current: 45 A (at 6 or 12 Volts), 23A (call us 0814348228703

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