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battrey solana 12v 12 ah
battrey solana 12v 12 ah
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13 Mar 2020
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Specification of

bicycle batteryDescription Electric Solana 6-DZM-12 12V 12Ah Battery
Brand: Electric Vehichle Solana 6-DZF-12 12V 12Ah battery
Dimensions: 150 x 99 x 98 (mm)
Weight: 5kgWe also provide Solana batteries in various capacities, namely:
- Solana 12V 7Ah VRLA battery
- Solana 12V 50Ah VRLA battery
- Solana 12V 70Ah VRLA battery
- Solana 12V 100Ah VRLA battery
- Solana 12V 120Ah VRLA battery
- Solana 12V 200Ah VRLA battery
- Solana 12V 12Ah battery
- Solana 12V 20Ah batteryNote:
• Please ask for stock before ordering
• Battery / Battery shipments are prohibited in the aviation world.
• For information on other shipping alternatives for those domiciled OUTSIDE SURABAYA, please contact us at:
Whatsapp 081348228703 /0852 30312475

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